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I never thought I would have to put myself out there on this level in effort to bring about change. Frankly, the mere thought terrified me. But then I remembered; we are all just people here, trying to figure it out. If to feel seen and understood is to hear another person’s familiar story- I get that wholeheartedly. Let me lead with mine then, and we can go from there…

-Lexis Serot

Loved by progressive media.

Meet our host, Lexis Serot. Mom of four and founder of LittleWins.com


S2, E3: Let’s Talk About It – Self-Love, Identity, and Advocacy with Elena Andolis, Disability Rights Advocate

Summary In this episode LittleWins founder @littlewinslexis sits down with Elena Anadolis, @elena_anadolis, disability rights advocate, to delve into the topics of self-love, identity, and advocacy. Covered in this episode is everything from experiencing discrimination as a child with cerebral palsy (what fueled Elena’s ability to break out of her shell), to how she learned…More

S2, E2: Let’s Talk About It – Adaptive Sports with the Ryan Martin Foundation

Summary In this episode, LittleWins founder, @littlwinslexis, sits down with Ryan Martin, founder of the Ryan Martin Foundation to talk about adaptive sports.  They cover topics from, Ryan’s upbringing as a child with Spina Bifida and bilateral amputee (the impetus that led him to wheelchair basketball), to the importance of what we learn from losing…More

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