S2, E2: Let’s Talk About It – Adaptive Sports with the Ryan Martin Foundation


In this episode, LittleWins founder, @littlwinslexis, sits down with Ryan Martin, founder of the Ryan Martin Foundation to talk about adaptive sports.  They cover topics from, Ryan’s upbringing as a child with Spina Bifida and bilateral amputee (the impetus that led him to wheelchair basketball), to the importance of what we learn from losing and outlets to empower all people with disabilities.While Ryan comes from a family of athletes, he did not anticipate the kind of opportunities basketball would afford him.  Not only did he gain a sports scholarship, but he went on to spend ten years playing in the professional wheelchair basketball league in Europe.  When he was not in France or Spain during the season, he spent his time back home speaking to youth about adaptive sports.  This is how the Ryan Martin Foundation came into being.(Besides running his foundation, Ryan keeps busy as a consultant for the NCAA, and will be spending this upcoming season playing for the New York Rolling Knicks of the NWBA.)