S2, E5: Let’s Talk About It- World Cerebral Palsy Day With Lexis Serot, Founder of LittleWins.com


In this episode , we are shaking things up to celebrate World CP Day! LittleWins Founder, Lexis Serot and Devonee Thaxton from Team LittleWins sit down to talk about Lexis’ journey from giving birth to two very different twins, all the way to the founding of LittleWins. They cover topics like standing in your power as a mother and living life according to purpose with a sense that everything is possible but only if you show up.  Happy #worldcpday to everyone around the world! This day is near and dear to our community and we are so grateful to be here with you. 

 Love, Team LittleWins


S2, E3: Let’s Talk About It – Self-Love, Identity, and Advocacy with Elena Andolis, Disability Rights Advocate


In this episode LittleWins founder @littlewinslexis sits down with Elena Anadolis, @elena_anadolis, disability rights advocate, to delve into the topics of self-love, identity, and advocacy. Covered in this episode is everything from experiencing discrimination as a child with cerebral palsy (what fueled Elena’s ability to break out of her shell), to how she learned the difficult lesson of using her weakness as a strength, in order to learn self-love. They also discuss the major steps necessary to turn advocacy into action.

There is something here for everyone…

S2, E2: Let’s Talk About It – Adaptive Sports with the Ryan Martin Foundation


In this episode, LittleWins founder, @littlwinslexis, sits down with Ryan Martin, founder of the Ryan Martin Foundation to talk about adaptive sports.  They cover topics from, Ryan’s upbringing as a child with Spina Bifida and bilateral amputee (the impetus that led him to wheelchair basketball), to the importance of what we learn from losing and outlets to empower all people with disabilities.While Ryan comes from a family of athletes, he did not anticipate the kind of opportunities basketball would afford him.  Not only did he gain a sports scholarship, but he went on to spend ten years playing in the professional wheelchair basketball league in Europe.  When he was not in France or Spain during the season, he spent his time back home speaking to youth about adaptive sports.  This is how the Ryan Martin Foundation came into being.(Besides running his foundation, Ryan keeps busy as a consultant for the NCAA, and will be spending this upcoming season playing for the New York Rolling Knicks of the NWBA.)

S2, E1: Let’s Talk About It – Adaptive Footwear with Friendly Shoes


In this episode, LittleWins founder, Lexis Serot, sits down with Friendly Shoes cofounder and president, Ryan Garcia, to talk about adaptive footwear. They cover everything from how Friendly Shoes got started to the many groups of people who benefit from adaptive footwear. Ryan discusses the reason behind their mission, all the thought that goes into the design, manufacturing, and more. He also gives a sneak peek at their new Excursion line of shoes for adults and children!  The colorful shoes, with fun patterns are eye-catching and fashion-forward! Not only do Friendly Shoes facilitate motion, mobility, and exercise; they help you look good and feel confident while doing it!

EP 10: Let’s Get To Know Shawn Satterfield


Shawn Satterfield, the founder of Shine Music, a Colorado non-profit, and I talk about the Shine Music Festival, first of its kind – combining technology and planning to create an enjoyable live experience for people of all abilities.

We talk about her personal history and why two female founders will take every “at bat” for inclusion, as well as their love for music.

Check out Shine Music Festival here: https://shinemusicfestival.com/

Or visit their youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShineMusicFestivalDenver

EP 9: Let’s Get To Know Diane Ryan


Diane Fritts Ryan, OTR/L, C/NDT, graduated from the University of Illinois and has over 35 years of pediatric experience with babies, children, and young adults with neurological impairments. Ms. Ryan currently works at Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley. She is a State of Illinois Early Intervention evaluator and therapist and has assisted in the development/ongoing evaluation of at-risk babies in the Neonatal Dupage Developmental Follow-Up Clinic.  Ms. Ryan has been an OT NDT instructor for the 8-week pediatric course and the advanced certification for infant treatment since 1990. She has assisted in several advanced baby and UE/ hand, regulation and vision treatment courses in the U.S. and internationally. She has also published articles relating to UE/hand function, as well as co-authored chapters on assessment and treatment of infants with neurological impairments.

EP 8: Let’s Get To Know Lynn Ferguson


Lynn Ferguson has been providing access and mobility solutions to people for more than 30 years and it was all because his son who is wheelchair bound encouraged him to help others. He truly feels that caring for his clients is his calling. Lynn leads an accessibility team at National Seating & Mobility and they provide 360 degree complete mobility solutions for people in and around the community. Lynn believes that everyone deserves to fully enjoy the life and home they love with less worry.

Lynn would also like to add a correction to some information that he shares in this episode – “The weight capacity for the Harmer Lift is 600 pounds”

EP 7: Let’s Get To Know Sara Shapiro


Sara Shapiro went to undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis and double majored in Linguistics and Psychology. She received her masters degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2008 from Ohio State University. From 2008-2015 she worked in the school system completing evaluations and therapy for kids aged 3-16. She also received her Early Intervention credential and has been providing in home therapy for the birth to 3 population since 2009. In 2019 she received her Early Intervention Assessment credential in order to complete evaluations with the birth to 3 population. From 2015 to the present, she has worked in outpatient clinics with birth to 18 population. She provides services in the outpatient and home settings. Sara specializes in providing language therapy to the birth to 3 population. In this episode, Sara and Lexis talk about what speech pathology is, the many forms of communication, what age we should expect to see children speaking, AAC – alternative forms of communication and what a difference she’s made for Lexis’s family.

EP 6: Let’s Get To Know John and Mark Cronin


John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son venture inspired by co-founder John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome. John’s affinity for crazy socks paired with his love of making people smile made their mission clear: To Spread Happiness. Mark and John speak at conferences, graduations, business meetings and other events to highlight what they do and what people with differing abilities can do. John and Mark join us to talk about how John’s Crazy Socks started, father-son bonding, and cultivating independence for our kids seeking job opportunities with disabilities, and more!

EP 5: Let’s Get To Know Danny Jordan


Danny Jordan is the creator of The Capables a group of super-capable kid superheroes all of whom have a super capability or “cape.” Each Capable’s superpower is activated through empowerment.  When Danny’s daughter was diagnosed with an upper limb difference, he found himself immediately compelled to do whatever he could to contribute something positive, something of true importance to this world. Something that would make the world his daughter grows up in more loving, more accepting, and more inclusive. He created The Capables so his daughter and others like her got to see themselves represented on the page as the hero in the story. Outside of this thrilling new literary adventure, Danny has produced and directed over 150 hours of primetime major network and cable television programming. He has also worked extensively as a branded media executive and sponsor producer, securing partnerships with and successfully integrating leading brands into traditional and digital media. Select producing credits include: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Biggest Loser, MasterChef, Deal or No Deal, Storage Wars, and Playbill Presents: The Broadway Cast (Top 100 Apple Podcast). In this episode, Danny joins us to talk about individuals with disabilities being the lead character, how to talk to your kids about differences, and advocating for yourself and your kids in doctors appointments.